About Alpha Glass and Window

We specialize in residential and commercial glass installation services and have been serving the Denver metro area since 2011. Starting out as a small operation, we set lofty goals for ourselves and the industry as a whole to carry us through the years. We are passionate about what we do and how we can help those across our community.

Our main focus has been and always will be creating value and convenience for those we work with. It is our belief that a company conducts itself with integrity, clear communications and excellent workmanship. This creates a clear vision of the project, the process and expectations. Not all projects are alike so it is important to us that we make sure everyone involved is informed, especially when the unexpected arises. We pride ourselves on being professionals with a laid back but confident company culture so we can create strong lasting relationships with our clients.

Voted in the Top 16 Glass & Mirror Professionals in Denver 2021!


Glass Services

There are endless applications for glass all around us but to ensure that we give our clients the fastest and best possible service we pride ourselves in a few niche areas of flat glass installation for both commercial and residential projects.

Insulated Glass Units

First is the replacement of insulated glass units. Insulated units are two pieces of glass sealed together. Whether one of the panes is broken or the seal has failed creating condensation or blemishes between the glass, both panes (or the unit as a whole) will need to be replaced. This is where we come in. By coming out on site we will get accurate dimensions and materials specs for the project. The glass will be manufactured to size and ready to install at a later date. This type of glazed unit is common for windows and doors whether it is a commercial or residential project.

Window Replacement Services

Windows, like anything else can become dated or damaged over time and need to be replaced with new and more efficient windows. As they deteriorate you may feel like you’re heating or cooling the outdoors. Windows that are more than 15-20 years old will feel drafty and uninsulated and are likely in need of updating. Alpha Glass and Window is partnered with several window manufactures to ensure you get the right vinyl windows or doors for your home/office and budget.


Storefronts are the most common window and entry systems for that of commercial buildings and the occasional modern home design. Though they are tough and very durable, they are not impervious to the elements and need to be updated with time. Alpha Glass and Window has a number of trusted providers to get the new glazing system to suit any project. These systems will give your business or home the fresh new look it needs coupled with the latest and greatest in energy efficiency. We are well equipped to answer any questions you may have and navigate the various products available.

Shower Enclosures

There are two styles of shower enclosures available in the industry. One is the Aluminum Framed Style and the other is the Frameless Euro Style. Here at Alpha Glass and Window we are pleased to specialize in the Frameless Euro Style that gives your home the crisp, clean and modern look it deserves. With years of experience in shower enclosures, we guide our clients through the countless glass options, hardware colors and operating styles best suited to their homes. We have one of the shortest lead times in the area and provide a convenient installation process that impedes less on our clients day-to-day.


Alpha Glass and Window has years of experience with hanging mirrors. Whether you need a mirror hung after a bathroom remodel or need to turn a room into a gym, we can help! We will safely remove old and existing mirrors if need be, draw up the new mirrors to adjust for out of plumb and level, take into account any outlet or fixture holes that need to be drilled and hang the new mirrors effortlessly. We can also get our mirrors beveled when needed.