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Englewood, CO's Best Professional Home Window Installation Process

Alpha Glass understands how big your renovation can feel, so we want you to know that you are in experienced, capable hands.

The best way we have found to help cut down on that feeling of being overwhelmed is to tell you upfront about what's going to happen during your job. For us, things tend to feel more manageable when you break them down into individual steps you can picture in your mind, so let's do that!


First: Call Alpha Glass & Windows To Schedule Your Free Consultation!

  • Once you call 720-382-8524 to set up your in-home appointment, the window replacement process really begins!
  • When we get to your home for that first meeting we will talk with you about the full scope of your project.
  • On the property, we inspect the existing windows. After you answer a few questions about the kinds of windows you want (shapes, colors, materials you like, etc.) Don't worry if you're not sure what you think would be best. That's why we call it a consultation!
  • Once we have your dimensions and design choices, we quote you the price for the job right there on the spot.
  • Once we have your dimensions and design choices, we quote you the price for the job right there on the spot.
  • When you accept the bid, we typically collect half of the money at that time for materials and to secure the project. If you are interested in financing options we can assist in that process as well.
  • New windows ordered to your exact specifications do take some time to manufacture. One-two months later, when the windows are delivered we will get back in touch to schedule the installation date and time.
  • In the meantime, you sit back and relax knowing that your job is in the hands of Englewood, CO's best glass company!

Second: Time For The New Glass Installation!

  • A few weeks later, we are back at your site! The existing windows, trim, drywall and sills are prepped for demo. All of the windows will then be removed or cut out.
  • With the old windows removed, we then prep the opening for the new window. This process can include vacuuming, cutting the sill or drywall if needed, applying insulation or replacing rotted would components.
  • The new window will then be installed and fastened to the opening either by nail fin or through the jams of the window.
  • New window wrap is applied to the exterior of the window if applicable. Any flashing and trim that was removed is nailed back in place around the perimeter of the window.
  • The window is now ready to be sealed with calking both on the inside and outside of the window.
  • This part of the process requires nothing from you except, maybe, a few celebratory hoots and/or hollars as we finish each window!
  • At the end of the job, everything is restored exactly the way that you originally had it. The only difference will be that now you have beautiful, brand-new windows to look through!

Don't worry, there's no need for a third step because we use the most advanced techniques to make sure we do it right on the first try!

This may seem like a lot, but it's just a detailed list so you can get the best overview. You'll see that, in practice, we make the process as simple as possible.

Professional home window installation is always the best way to ensure the safety, comfort and security of your family. Call 720-382-8524 today for Alpha Glass & Window. We're the clear choice to make sure you get the most out of your new windows!

How Much Does It Cost To Have Someone Install A Window?

Glass replacement for residential applications can run anywhere from $250 for smaller windows to $1500 for larger windows and custom shapes. Full new windows (Frame and Glass) can run from $350 for small windows up to $3000 for large windows or customer shapes. The same applies to sliding patio door replacements.

Pricing for window installation varies depending on the exact need of our clients. If it is only the glass that is broken or foggy we can replace just the glass instead of the whole window in most cases. This solution is much cheaper and less time-consuming.

Call 720-382-8524 today so we can find out about your specific job and get you a free estimate!

How Long Does Window Installation Take?

The window installation time varies depending on the size and scope of the glass installation.

  • New window installations usually take 1-3 hours per window.  Lead times for new windows will depend on the manufacturer and take 5-8 weeks.
  • For glass repair, figure 30 minutes to 2 hours per unit. Lead times for glass that has to be manufactured is 3-10 business days.

How Do I Prepare For A New Window Installation?

It is important to have a clean and safe working environment when dealing with glass. That is why the first step for window installation is for the techs to don any safety apparel or equipment and to make sure everything is cleared away from the workspace and walkways - inside and out. Ladders, scaffold drop cloths, floor coverings and tools are then made ready for use.

What Does The Glass Replacement Process Look Like?

  • Glass replacements are less involved. We will still come out to the property for a consultation. Dimensions and other vital information will be recorded.
  • Once we have the sizes, we can then quote pricing options for you.
  • Most projects will require some sort of manufacturing. This is done locally and therefore has a much lower lead time, 1-2 weeks in most cases. Single-pane glass is inventoried and can be cut on-site!
  • After the materials are delivered we will reach out to set up an installation date and time. We can usually get you on the schedule within a week.
  • Each window is different, but will let us replace the glass one of two ways: some windows allow the frame to be disassembled around the glass, some allow glazing bead (trim around the edge of the glass) to be removed and the glass cut away from the frame.
  • The glass and sash are cleaned and prepped to be reassembled using silicone to seal and adhere the new glass to the frame.
  • The new glass is installed in the sash or frame of the window and everything put back into place the way it was found.

Call 720-382-8524 today to schedule a consultation and get the process started with Forever Glass & Window!

*Note: Some window manufacturers do not allow the glass to be replaced in the window and require ordering a whole new sash or window directly from them if they are still in business.

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