Professional Mirror Installation Company in Denver, CO

Mirrors are a standard in most homes, but have you ever stopped and asked why? Adding a well-placed reflective surface has many benefits and can add value to any room in your home. We can replace broken glass or install a beautiful new fixture. Alpha Glass and Window is a professional mirror installation company serving Denver, CO and the surrounding areas. Contact us for a free quote!

Benefits of Incorporating Mirrors into Your Decor

Professional Mirror Installation
  • Give the illusion of a larger space by adding a mirror to a small room or apartment. Putting a few mirrors on your walls can take a space from cramped to nice and roomy. Not to mention, it’s also a much cheaper alternative to removing walls.
  • Adding a reflective surface to a wall or above the vanity produces a grand effect by filling the space with light, especially when the mirror is across from a window. A wall mirror that reflects sunlight into your home can also help lower energy bills because you no longer need to turn on as many lights.
  • The addition of an accent mirror can also add aesthetic appeal to your home by bringing attention to statement pieces or hiding imperfections in the room. There are many options in today’s market and a beautiful wall mirror can instantly increase appeal.

Where to Use Mirrors in Your Home

  • Bathrooms
  • At the end of a hallway
  • Home gym
  • Brighten up dark accent walls
  • Above a fireplace
  • To fill up space on an empty wall
  • Add to furniture to increase functionality

Mirrors in Commercial Spaces

Alpha Glass and Window can also provide professional mirror installation in commercial buildings. Our professional crew can add glass or mirror accents to make the space more inviting for customers or add a full wall mirror to a dance studio to enhance the space. Check out our other offerings for commercial spaces!

To inquire about our custom mirror and glass services, give us a call today or complete our contact form!